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Do I need to subreports for two tables

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By: David Leal Valma a - achepati67

Do I need to subreports for two tables

2006-03-07 16:10

Dear member,


I have read that we need to use subreports if the second query is related with some information about the first one, but what about printing in the same report two table information with no related information between each other?, Do I need subreports for this case?


Thanks in advance,


David Leal




By: cyclistca - cyclistca

RE: Do I need to subreports for two tables

2006-03-08 13:38

Each report file (.jrxml) can only have one query. If you have more then one query you will have to use a subreport in you report if you want all the information in the same report.



By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Do I need to subreports for two tables

2006-03-08 22:47

You can use SubReports - but if you don't wan't to and your two tables are not linked between each other you could merge your data into a customdatasource and use this instead. So you finally get only one datasources with fields of BOTH tables inside (I would suggest adding the tablename as prefix to you fields - e.g. : table1_AFieldNameOfTable1 or table2_AFieldNameOfTable2)




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