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Create XML Design Document in JAVA

2005 IR Help

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By: DevJavSharly - nysharlene

Create XML Design Document in JAVA

2004-08-24 09:41



I am really new to JasperReports, so this question is a bit entry-level, but I cannot seem to find a solution anywhere in the forums. I want to create reports, and I know that there should first be a design document in XML. My question is, do you create that document from scratch, or do you have java code that automatically generates this file? I have tried to create the file by using the JasperDesign class and calling functions such as "setQuery()", "setTitle()", etc. When I do execute the java code and generate a JasperPrint file (printed in XML), none of the attributes that I thought I created through the above mentioned function calls seems to be generated in the XML.


Am I going about this in the wrong way? I know that iReports is an option, but I would like to create reports from another swing application that I am developing, and thus need this functionality. Please help!





By: craig b spengler - craigbs

RE: Create XML Design Document in JAVA

2004-08-24 15:08

fwiw, i have been jaspering for about six months -- i started my first report using ireport. After that, i found it easiest to just keep copying and embellishing the XML to make the remaining thirty-odd reports in the package (i use JBuilder).


i needed them all to have the same l&f.


this is not to say i am happy about the absence of reusable code; for my next jasper-based reporting project i will definitely be writing a sort-of "replicator" pre-processor.


i relied heavily on Teodor's "how to" and "tips-and-tricks" on the home page, also popped for the formal book -- for 35 bucks it's not totally complete but worth every penny.

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