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Show / hide known column, not crosstab

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By: Ashraf Fouad - modulo2

Show / hide known column, not crosstab

2006-02-12 03:16


I have a report with more than 20 columns, these columns are not dynamic as incase of crosstab reports.


They are all known, their computations are heavy and done via Java code outside Jasperreport, then passed the datasource to report. The user is asking about feature to show/hide certain columns depending on his need.


When I use the printWhenexpression, it makes gaps, and I don't know how to use the crosstab in my case if it is possible.


Does anyone has idea how this could be done.


Thanks in advance for yr time



By: Rick62 - rick62

RE: Show / hide known column, not crosstab

2006-03-06 08:17


which sort of gap did you get ?

I also use the printWhenExpression and it's work ! in this case, you always have to use a boolean.

In my report, I use it with a boolean called for example $F{print-results}. This boolean is filled via a java application and insert in a XML datasource. When true, results are printed, when false, they don't.

Hope its clear ?



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