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COLUMN_1,.... IndexOutOfBoundsException

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By: deklotz - yourspeedracer

COLUMN_1,.... IndexOutOfBoundsException

2004-08-19 12:21



I am attempting to write a servlet that creates a PDF. My current problem is related to JRTableModelDataSource() trying to retrieve more rows than there are available.


I am using an AbstractTableModel wrapped in the above class.


Within the jasper report I have defined three fields with the names "COLUMN_1", "COLUMN_2", etc...


Now I can see from the output of Tomcat, that the code is working (which took a long time to figure out :) ) but it is attempting to read beyond the column count.


I verified that my subClass of AbstractTableModel does in fact return the right number of columns for the method getColumnCount().


How do I tell jasper to limit the number of columns to 3?







By: deklotz - yourspeedracer

RE: COLUMN_1,.... IndexOutOfBoundsException

2004-08-19 12:24

My second sentence is wrong, it should read:


My current problem is related to JRTableModelDataSource() trying to retrieve more COLUMNS than there are available.








By: Richard Barnett - richard_barnett

RE: COLUMN_1,.... IndexOutOfBoundsException

2004-08-19 16:32

If your TableModel only supports 3 columns then you need to use COLUMN_0, COLUMN_1, COLUMN_2 in the report. Check out the source of JRTableModelDataSource.

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