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PDF Font rendering problem

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By: Mr Kanniget - kanniget

PDF Font rendering problem

2004-07-29 21:43

We have a problem with the Export to a PDF file of All of our reports.

The problem is that the fields do not stretch to accomodate the data in the field, instead it overwrites itself. This only happens on our REDHAT 9.0 server, on m,y gentoo based development machine the same code runs perfectly.

Has any one seen this sort of behaviour before?





By: Adam - zzy740218

RE: PDF Font rendering problem

2004-08-18 10:45


I think I met the same issue as you. my code work perfectly on my local machine (windows2000+jrun). However it seems having the problem as you describe when I move it to the redhat+jrun box.


I would like keep contact with you. my email address is zzy740218@yahoo.com







By: John Augusto Charnet - jcharnet

RE: PDF Font rendering problem

2004-08-19 04:57

I have the same problem.

What I did to solve it was change the font of the PDF to a variable width font (like Helvetica), instead of a fixed font (like Courier) as it was before.


But my reports needs to run on a fixed font.


Let's keep in touch.


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