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Can I create a page summary in my report?

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By: Coder Alex - coderalex

Can I create a page summary in my report?

2004-08-18 15:20

I'm considering using Jasper Reports.


One requirement I have though, that I am not sure it can satisfy is a need to have page summaries in my report.


My report will be of invoices and when an invoice runs over more than one page, I need to end summarise the total so far at the bottom of each page in a row titled 'carried forward' and then have a row titled 'brought-forward' at the top of the next page with the same figure.


Does Jasper Reports have a configuration feature that would enable this?








By: Richard Barnett - richard_barnett

RE: Can I create a page summary in my report?

2004-08-18 22:51

Page headers & footers should do the trick, together with <variableExpression>s -- have a look at the resetType & calculation attributes. Look at the variable FreightSumPage in "Jasper Sample" (FirstJasper.jrxml).

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