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defaultValueExpression parameter evaluation..

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By: Michael Bauer - mbabauer

defaultValueExpression parameter evaluation..

2004-08-18 12:45

I am trying to use parameters to build a dynamic SQL statement from within my report, and am having some problems getting the parameters to evaluate properly.


Currenlty, using this in the XML (escaping used for '+' and other illegal XML chars):

<defaultValueExpression >

"SELECT * FROM INV4.DIST_STATE WHERE SOURCE_APPLICATION=" + $P{Source} + ($P{From}!=null ? "AND START_TIME > " + $P{From} : "")


With $P{Source} evaluating to "Software", I get the following SQL back:


The problem here is that Software is a text value and needs to be quoted. So I tries something like:

<defaultValueExpression >

"SELECT * FROM INV4.DIST_STATE WHERE SOURCE_APPLICATION='" + $P{Source} + "'" + ($P{From}!=null ? "AND START_TIME > " + $P{From} : "")


But this causes my SQL to evaluate to:

SELECT * FROM INV4.DIST_STATE WHERE SOURCE_APPLICATION= + ((java.lang.String)parameter_Source.getValue()) +


Does anyone know what might be going on here? Looks like the ' marks are also being evaluated wrong. Thoughts?

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