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Landscape report problem

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By: Işıl Tortamı# - isilt

Landscape report problem

2004-08-18 04:10

I have been using JasperReports 0.5.3.


I designed a report having 16 subreports both in portrait in landscape modes. All subreports were in landscape mode. In the main report, there is no problem if it is portrait. All subreports are visible and can be printed. But since subreports have to be lanscape, I have to make the main report in landscape mode, too.


Here comes the problem. In landscape mode, only 4 of 16 subreports can be seen. I tried to remove some of subreports thinking that number of

subreports can cause a problem. But this didn't solve the problem. After that I increased the number of rows in one of the subreports. This time, 3 subreports were visible. But height of data remained same -17 lines- . I thought problem was about height of the bands, but height of bands were correct.


What can be the problem? I will be happy if you can help us. Thanks in advance.






By: dir2 - dir22

RE: Landscape report problem

2004-08-18 08:22

I also have the same problem. Report in portrait and subreport in landscape.

I try to create a pdf with only the subreport and then to concat all in one pdf with iText.

In progress... Tell you when done.

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