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JaperPrint:ClassCastException like this:

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By: flying - ibmj2ee

JaperPrint:ClassCastException like this:

2004-08-12 23:42

user like this:

JasperPrint jp = (JasperPrint)JRLoader.loadObject(fileName);

throw ClassCastException.


but use like this:

JasperReport jr = (JasperReport)JRLoader.loadObject(fileName);


it work well;




can you give me an explain?or it's bug?







By: Richard Barnett - richard_barnett

RE: JaperPrint:ClassCastException like this:

2004-08-13 08:18

JRLoader.loadObject is reading the contents of test.jasper & instantiating a Java object from it. The object is an instance of JasperReport but not an instance of JasperPrint -- hence the ClassCastException.


I haven't used JasperPrint objects or their serialised form, but they look like they contain the actual data to be printed in a page-centric XML description -- presumably an intermediate form before PDF generation.

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