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Error (?) : endless iteration on export

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By: only a man - only_a_man

Error (?) : endless iteration on export

2004-08-09 15:12

Hello ...

I have an urgent problame with exporting page.

When a succesfully compiled jasperdesign file is filled its start an endless iteration in:

JRVerticalFiller.class --> fillReport() --> fillReportStart() --> fillDetail() --> fillColumnBand() method. The band.willOverflow() property in while cicle never get false value, so its never stopp.


This error occured when the report have only detail part ( all other (footer, header etc .. ) part of report have height=0 ) and have only 1 column. put on or two field too on it.


What interested is that this report files work under jasper 0.5.0 well, but under 0.6 not each of them. Some fof the report works well, and some of them ( which have only detail) not.


So , if you have some idea or you meet with this problame too please wrote immidiatly. Its very urgent for me...


Thanks , and all the best...



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