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Print Job Listener - SOS

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By: meg - thanhhuong

Print Job Listener - SOS

2006-03-02 00:41

I'm using jasperreport 1.2 and trying to monitor status of print job. The reports are exported and printed from Applet viewer.


I'm modify net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRPrinterAWT. Let it extends PrintJobAdapter to monitor 6 events:

1) printDataTransferCompleted(PrintJobEvent e)

2) printJobCanceled(PrintJobEvent e)

3) printJobCompleted(PrintJobEvent e)

4) printJobFailed(PrintJobEvent e)

5) printJobNoMoreEvents(PrintJobEvent e)

6) printJobRequiresAttention(PrintJobEvent e)


But after data is transferred to printer, i can only catch the event printJobNoMoreEvents although the print job is completed or failed, or anything else. And it's always like that! X-(


In the Java Guide, they mentionned about the limitation of printing system. But i don't know where the problem comes from. Is it caused of limitation of Printing System or of Applet limitation?


If the message is not clear or you need take a look at my code, please feel free to ask me.


Can anyone comment of this issue and offer a solution or a workaround? Please help me.


Best regards.

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