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Stretch not working OK

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By: jibseijo - jibseijo

Stretch not working OK

2006-02-22 00:14



I've a Textfiel that contains an expression with some Strings and Variables ("String1"+$V{Var1}+"String2"+$V{Var2}+...). The property "isStretchWithOverflow" is set to "true", and the property "stretchType" is set to "RelativeToTallestObject", but only 3 lines are printed (and not 4, what is the real numer of lines for the expression once evaluated). I've tried with all the possibles stretchTypes and evaluationTimes (including the new "Auto" value avaible in last version), and it doesn`t do what I think it should do.


Please help me!


Thank you





By: mafroing - mafroing

RE: Stretch not working OK

2006-03-01 06:06

sorry, didn't really know what u meant by "only 3 lines are printed (not 4)", could it be more specific?

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