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Grouping by two fields

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By: Raphael Bauduin - raphinou

Grouping by two fields

2004-07-28 05:35



I would like to group by both $F{name} and $F(firstname}.

I'm currently concatenating them:




but wondered if there was a better solution....









By: Mykel Alvis - evilarchitect

RE: Grouping by two fields

2004-07-28 08:25

If you're using an SQL query to get your data (which it appears that you are), then you can make this calculation part of the query

I think these are right.



Select concat(a,b) as name from blah where bletch


ANSI standard (supported by Postgres and Oracle)

select a || b as name from blah where bletch



select a+b as name from blah where bletch


I dunno if that's a "better" solution. It just makes your report less code-bound. The concatenation operation in databases is NOT particularly quick under any of the databases that I know.


What's the effect you're looking for? If the name is an identifying entity only for lastname + firstname, then your current solution should work fine, or you might get a modest performance improvement using my suggestion. Is that the only issue at work?




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