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Subreport doesn't start on a new page...

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By: Marcelo - marcelocda

Subreport doesn't start on a new page...

2004-07-22 13:57



I have a master report with only a detail band and, in it I have a subreport.

I don't have any kind of texts or elements, except for the subreport, in this master report.

This subreport is filled with a List, then, for each Object in this List the subreport will generate a completely different report from the one generated before.

The problem is: I can't make the subreport start on a new page...Each report generated by the subreport component should start on a new page.

I already tried to create a group and check the "start on a new page" option, but, nothing happened.

So, I'm stuck.


Please, someone could help me?


Thanks in advance!






By: Marcelo - marcelocda

RE: Subreport doesn't start on a new page...

2004-07-26 04:40







By: rumbuff - rumbuff

RE: Subreport doesn't start on a new page...

2004-07-27 06:32

Teodor said elswhere in this forum that "group.setStartNewPage(true)" might not work and suggests to use "group.setMinHeightToStartNewPage(minHeightToStartNewPage)"



Try "minHeightToStartNewPage = design.getPageHeight() - design.getTopMargin() - design.getBottomMargin()".


I had the same problem, and with this workaround it all works well.

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