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isSplitAllowed doesn't seem to work (bug?)

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By: Dimitriy - dzasypkin

isSplitAllowed doesn't seem to work (bug?)

2004-07-23 06:03


I'm using jasperreports 0.5.3. Everything's great (thank you very much, Teodor!) except for isSplitAllowed property of a band. It seems Jasper acts as if isSplitAllowed is always set to false - at least for group footer and summary bands.


To reproduce the problem I've set up a very simple report (isSummaryNewPage = false, no groups, no subreports etc) consisting of just two bands - detail and summary (other bands height = 0). If summary band doesn't fit on the page containing detail data it never splits! It starts on the next page regardless of its isSplitAllowed property. As a result, the page with detail data have a blank space near its bottom.


Tested this behaviour also for a "fake summary" band i.e. dummy group footer band.


Am I missing anything?


Thank you,


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