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First page blank if field larger than 1 page

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By: elmar weber - elmar_weber

First page blank if field larger than 1 page

2004-07-16 07:51



I've a master report and one sub report with a textField which maybe larger than one page (the subreport has two "rows" in the title section (with isSplitAllowed set to false), the first one contains multiple cols and is just one line high, the other contains a description which is multiple lines high. All other sections are empty).


The problem is, that if the description is larger than one page the first page of the report is blank (in fact alle sections are drawn except the detail).


After the blank page the whole report is drawn as expected.



I've found http://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=2543465 but I can exclude this possible error because the width of the subreport matches the column width of the master report and the height of the sub report matches the one of the master report.



Also other sub reports in the detail section of the master report work fine with the same report parameters and larger than one page. But these sub reports have other sub reports in their detail section, so there are enough possibilites to make a page break.


Do I have a design error or is this a bug if a single textField in a sub report is larger than one page?



Elmar Weber

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