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Textfield pattern like "("+$P{myField}+")"

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By: Laurent Raynal - lraynal

Textfield pattern like "("+$P{myField}+")"

2006-02-21 08:51


What's the most elegant syntax for Textfield to print a String value between parenthesis and just blank when the value is null ?


I don't want to write this Textfield expression all over the place:

( $P{nom} != null && $P{nom}.length() > 0 ? "(" + $P{nom} + ")" : null )


PS: I don't want to preprocess my parameters before feeding them to Jasper


PPS: "Blank when null" works great for Date and number fields with a pattern but I understand there is no such thing for plain String.


Thanks a lot and congratulations on this great tool.






By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: Textfield pattern like "("+$P{myField}+")

2006-02-21 09:22

I don't know the syntax off hand, but I bet you could set a boolean and then use that in your string printWhenExpression's expression.


I think. :-)

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