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Jasper and Oracle ADF/BC

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By: Steve - northland6110

Jasper and Oracle ADF/BC

2006-02-08 16:06

Does anyone have an example of using a Oracle ADF/BC view object as the data source for a Report?





By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: Jasper and Oracle ADF/BC

2006-02-08 17:27

There isn't (to my knowledge) any special stuff for oracle ADF's or whatever. Maybe people have written some scriptlets for oracle object manipulation or whatever, but I haven't seen anything (I wasn't looking so... :-)


Basically I think you'd want to do most of that stuff outside the report, but I don't know.


So long as you can do stuff like "SELECT * FROM SomeViewName" and get a normal SQL result set back, you'd use Oracle as you'd use MySQL, or another jdbc type of deal. Just a bunch of SQL.


You'd definately be looking at scriptlets if you wanted to leverage Oracle specific functionality... I think. Doing stuff with objects vs. sql or whatever.


Hrm. Guess we can see what the others say... no blips on my radar tho as far as examples, sorry.





By: mil_s - fuxia79

RE: Jasper and Oracle ADF/BC

2006-02-08 23:52

If you create an ADF ViewObject and its client interface, this last behaves like a common javabean, with its getter and setter methods.

Thus you can use it to create the datasource and pass it to your report


JRDataSource ds=new JRBeanArrayDataSource(new Object[]{myViewRow1, myViewRow2,...})


For me it works.






By: Steve - northland6110

RE: Jasper and Oracle ADF/BC

2006-02-09 09:19

Thanks - I'll whack on these solutions. I really appreciate the help.

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