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Crosstab hide certain columns

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By: LeeBar - leebar

Crosstab hide certain columns

2006-01-18 14:34



Is it possible to hide certain columns in a crosstab (as in PrintWhenExpression)?


In my case my dataset contains machines that can either be turned on or off (with boolean isPowered field). I use the isPowered field ad bucket expression, and a crosstab with two columns, one with counts for the "on" machines and one with the counts for the "off" machines. I only need to display the "on" machines column and would like to hide the "off" column - is there a way to achieve that?


Thanks a lot!







By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Crosstab hide certain columns

2006-01-19 00:49



Hiding crosstab rows/columns is not yet supported.


I don't think I fully understood your scenario, but maybe you can try not using isPowered as bucket expression and for the count measure use as expression something like

$F{isPowered}.equals(ON) ? "count me" : null


Also, do you have a crosstab with only two columns (or only one, since you want to hide one of them)? You can design such a report without using crosstabs.








By: LeeBar - leebar

RE: Crosstab hide certain columns

2006-01-19 13:04

I think that should work - that's what I will do: create a bucket expression that is always true and therefore only shows one column and change the measure expression to only count the ON power entries. thank you so much for the tip!


I think I still need a crosstab, since I have a Row-bucket expression that can result in any amount of rows: e.g. For each owner of machines stored in a lot I want to display the amount of his machines that are plugged in (and I just don't care about the ones that are not plugged in)...



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