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subreport inside a subreport

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By: Flavio Oliva - denon82

subreport inside a subreport

2006-01-12 12:25

hello every one... I am having a hard time to solve this problem.


the situation is... I have a master report that has a subreport inside a dummy group. the subreport is printing its data nicely. However, I also have another subreport inside this subreport. Differently from the outer most subreport the data from the inner most subreport is not being displayed.


Now I ask, Can I set a subreport inside a subreport?


I have created a java.lang.Object field in my subreport with the List I need to print in my inner most subreport. I need to show this data but I haven't figured out how!!! Can anyone help me?


Thanks in advance,


Flávio Oliva





By: Flavio Oliva - denon82

RE: subreport inside a subreport

2006-01-13 03:16

A little more information every one... I am using iReport 0.5.2 and jasper 1.1.0


If I set the subreport into a master report, the subreport inside the subreport (now a master report) is displaying its the data nicely.


Thus, I my concluding that the report is ok. the problem definately is when I set the subreport inside a subreport. Have anyone faced this situation?! Please everyone... help me. It might help many other people here in the forum. =D





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: subreport inside a subreport

2006-01-16 12:27

Nested subreports are working fine... that's for sure... mostly its because of wrong datasource expressions... so you can't use the same without make a copy or something similiar.


just try a bit






By: Slobodan Kasterovic - kaster

RE: subreport inside a subreport

2006-01-17 08:06

So ...


We have reports report_1, report_2 and report_3.


report_1 is master, report_2 is subreport of report_1, report_3 is subreport of report_2.


- report_1 have datasource expression als usualy

- report_1 must give datasource expression (SOME_EXPRESSION) to report_2 like this: <dataSourceExpression><![CDATA[((net.sf.jasperreports.engine.data.JRXmlDataSource) $P{REPORT_DATA_SOURCE}).dataSource(SOME_EXPRESSION)]]></dataSourceExpression>

- SOME_EXPRESSION MUST have nodelist as result, wenn not - SOME_EXPRESSION ist wrong and you have no data

- report_1 can give SOME_PARAMETER to subreport report_2. SOME_PARAMETER must be declared in report_2

- all this aply to connection between report_2 and report_3 too


I have registered some IRC chanels (irc://freenode/jasperreports-en, irc://freenode/jasperreports-de) and I (or somwhere other) try to help you.

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