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Collection as field without subreport  

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By: DarMe - darme

Collection as field without subreport Â

2006-01-09 13:16



I have a JRBeanDataSource with some fields - one of its is the field 'persons' which represents a Collection with Strings.Â


Now the simple question:Â

Does anybody know a way to execute this Collection by writing the persons among each other without using a subreport?Â






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Collection as field without subreport Â

2006-01-11 02:22




I'm not sure what exactly do you mean byÂ

"writing persons among each other",Â

but I suspect you want to just list the person names separated by "newline" or commma.Â

You can acieve this by using a text fieldÂ

with isStretchWithOverflow="true" and by callingÂ

in its expression an utility method of your ownÂ

that could produce the concatenated String outÂ

of the Collection.Â






I hope this helps.Â


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