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Newbie question

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By: Richard HALLIER - rhallier

Newbie question

2006-01-01 03:00

Hi all,

My use case is pretty trivial. I have to display the properties of one domain instances on 2 pages (A4 format).

So I increased the size of the detail band to match my requirement.

But when I want to compile my .jrxml file, the following error occurs :

"The detail section, the page and column headers and footers and the margins do not fit the page height."

The error is meaningfull but how can I reach my goal ?

Thank you a lot for any pointers.



My config :




















<band height="1644" isSplitAllowed="true" >








By: jorge - sirion_oef

RE: Newbie question

2006-01-02 09:48

what kind of information do you have in the detail section? normally is one row, so just leave one row height in the detail section, the report will automatically increase the detail section for contain all the rows that the data source contains; of course could be several pages


i recommend you iReport, a visual designer for jasperreports





By: Richard HALLIER - rhallier

RE: Newbie question

2006-01-03 02:05

Thank you for your reply.


Actually in my detail section, I have *many* fields (adress, name, country, comments, skills, ...), it's not the classic one row layout, but just a report of many fields of ONE instance. I have so many fields to display that I have to display them on 2 pages. But like I said before, it seems jasperreports doesn't allow to expand the detail section on 2 pages, at compilation time, I have the following error : >>The detail section, the page and column headers and footers and the margins do not fit the page height<<


I believed it was a pretty common case !!!??? ;-)


I hope my message will be clearer. Can you help me ?





By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Newbie question

2006-01-03 08:13



Read this









By: Richard HALLIER - rhallier

RE: Newbie question

2006-01-04 21:11

Thank you Lucian, that was the trick I was looking for !!!






By: jorge - sirion_oef

RE: Newbie question

2006-01-03 09:31

if i catch your point, you have like 10 fields that are aligned horizontally


field1 field2 field3 ... field10


but the page just fits to the field8 and you want put the other fields in other page, something like a page with normal height and double width.


if this is the case try using groups, many fields in just one row can be splited in groups. youd could use too subreports one subreport for one row



other perspective. if you are aligning your field vertically








and want make that the datails band cover all this fields, try aligning them horizontally

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