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How do I use a File CSV Datasource?

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By: joeF - joefloede

How do I use a File CSV Datasource?

2006-01-03 14:14

I am evaluating iReport 0.5.1 and I have setup a File CSV Datasource in the Connections Properties dialog. I am able to setup the datasource and it tests ok for a connection test.


I set the active connection to my new datasource - that seems to work ok. But I go to create a new Report Query (I figure I need to do something like "select * from file.csv" in order to parse and bring the data into iReports) and I get "The active connection is not of type JDBC. Activate a JDBC connection first."


I can't find any documetation on how to actually use a File CSV data source.


Has anyone tried this?








By: joeF - joefloede

RE: How do I use a File CSV Datasource?

2006-01-03 14:38

Please disregard this post.

I meant to post this to the iReports project.

my bad.



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