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How to have variable number of Columns?

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By: Hitesh - hitsum

How to have variable number of Columns?

2006-01-02 04:09



I need to have variable number of columns(what I mean is the columns from database) on my report with their headers width also variable.


E.g. My report can have multiple database columns like ...


Emp ID | Emp First Name | Salary

| |

101 | David | 4000

102 | Kith | 5000


OR :


Emp ID|EMP F. Name|Bonus

| |

101 | David |300



How can I do this at run time?

Please help








By: Lucas Sanabio - lsanabio

RE: How to have variable number of Columns?

2006-01-03 05:22

I got the same problem, my report should have the products that a client bought in a period of time. So the client and the products will be in the y axis, the product will be a subreport. And the months which the user has selected will be the columns, but don't have any idea on how to do it.




Lucas Sanabio

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