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Trying to add conditions to report

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By: Eric - netizen1

Trying to add conditions to report

2004-06-18 11:44

I'm very new to Jasper and like what i see so far. I even bought the docs. But the one thing i cant seem to find information on is how to do conditions on text fields.

Ex. I have a field $F{FirstName} and i want to do the following if condition on it:



print "This is person 1"

else if ($F{FirstName}.equals("John")

print "This is person 2"

else if($F{FirstName}.equals("Dave")

print "This is person 3"

else if($F{FirstName}.eqausl("Mike")

print "This is person 4"


print "Person 5"


I have seen some samples but nothing that goes beyond and if/else.


Thanks in advance





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Trying to add conditions to report

2004-06-18 13:26

Well the easiest way ( I guess) is, to write a scriptlet and you use a method like "getPrintStringByFirstName($F{Firstname)"....


and in that scriptlet you can decide what string should be returned for what firstname.




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