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Eliminate white space

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By: kags - wakabiro

Eliminate white space

2004-06-16 14:20

I have created a report using iReport and need the fields not to display if there is no data. I have also checked the 'remove line when blank' option in the properties dialog box but there are still spaces between the available fields (they are smaller than the field size but still add up and look bad). In the design view of the report, I have eliminated all space and the textboxes are right next to each other. Does anybody know how to get rid of the space?







By: Mark Simmons - bdmarr

RE: Eliminate white space

2004-06-18 10:03

I am having same issue in XLS. my output to html, pdf, csv, etc. is ok.. I also have the remove white space on the XLSExporter, but no luck..





By: sepi - sepideh

RE: Eliminate white space

2004-06-18 12:35

Same problem here!!

I have created report using sunshine report and in the pdf output I have same problem whcigh shows empty spaces for no data fields,Any idea let me know please

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