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How to display empty rows

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By: liang wen - wenl

How to display empty rows

2004-06-18 09:56

Anyone know how to generate empty rows in the report to fill a page? If my report returns 5 rows of data, the detail section only prints 5 times. Is it possible to print the detail section with blank data until the end of page?


Ex. to look like a 25 row table w/ 5 rows of data and 20 blank rows.








By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: How to display empty rows

2004-06-18 10:12

I believe that the JREmptyDataSource constructor takes an integer rpresenting the number of rows it contains (just no data).


If you knew that 30 rows filled the page, then you should be able to put a subreport in a group footer and supply a new JREmptyDataSource(maxRows - numRows) as the dataSource


I have never tried this and I am just shooting from the hip here, but the concept seems plausible.

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