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Help needed: JasperReport & Dbforms

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By: meg - thanhhuong

Help needed: JasperReport & Dbforms

2004-06-16 06:03


I'm studying JasperReport to generate reports by calling from DBForms. But I have an strange error "no data found to print".


I try to create 2 reports, both of them query data from tbl_Depots, by using iReport-0.3.1 :

(1) report_1.xml : select CLIENTID(varchar), STATUS_DEPOTS(varchar) from tbl_Depots.

My web application compiled report_1.xml to report_1.jasper and ran it exactly as an example of dbforms, I have all data of table tbl_Depots.


(2) report_2.xml : select CLIENTID(varchar), STATUS_DEPOTS(varchar) , MONTANT_DEPOTS(float) from tbl_Depots.

- At first, I don't understand why iReport think that unit_price field is a string data type?

- Then I modified it as in database, and tried to compile by iReport. No error is returned.

But when i call it by JSP, I have the old error message "no data found to print" .

Float data, that's my problem, isn't it? May you help to explain that problem, and how can I fix it?








By: meg - thanhhuong

RE: Help needed: JasperReport & Dbforms

2004-06-16 06:09

I'm sorry, I have some typing error.

unit_price field = MONTANT_DEPOTS field.



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