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By: CFBMoo1 - cfbmoo1


2004-06-11 10:51

I'm currently running the HTML exporter to export a report. When I run a demo report I wrote up in one test sandbox the invisible placeholder images for the HTML formatting worked fine. In the test site for a project I'm working on they are not found.


I tried hard coding my own image to the IMAGES_URI parameter to see if it will just take a single image, but that didn't work since the JRHTmlExporter automaticly tacks on a PX to anything in that paramter.


I would like to know what I'm missing here since the HTML formats with the image placeholders but the images themselves (Blank images really) missing. Where do those images come from? I can't find anything in the samples directory or any documentation that points where those images are generated from. Do they come from a jar file for default renderings? If so which jar file do I need?





By: CFBMoo1 - cfbmoo1

RE: JRHtmlExporter

2004-06-11 10:59

I did find the place in the source code where the PX triggers an image loading from the jasperreports-0.5.3.jar. I do know that jar file is in the resin classpath otherwise the reports wouldn't work at all. Is there any known issues where the iamges are generated by not displayed? I've started searching the threads here but havn't found anything specific. I also can't find a search feature for the sourceforge threads so I'm going page by page basiclly.





By: supportsib - supportsib

RE: JRHtmlExporter

2004-06-12 08:34

check the webapp sample

there is one imageservlet class.

add this class to your web.xml







By: GTI - gtigti

RE: JRHtmlExporter

2004-06-14 00:58

Copy image.jsp file into your Web Folder and configure Jasper using :


exporter.setParameter(JRHtmlExporterParameter.IMAGES_URI, "image.jsp?image=");


Or simply to remove the PXs :


exporter.setParameter(JRHtmlExporterParameter.IS_USING_IMAGES_TO_ALIGN, Boolean.FALSE);






By: CFBMoo1 - cfbmoo1

RE: JRHtmlExporter

2004-06-14 04:23

Sweet.. that exporter command to turn off PXs was just the ticket it needed. Also the page loads much faster then with the images. Thanks for the tip, couldn't find anything like that in the existing documentation or samples that I looked at so far.


Thanks for the help everyone.

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