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Multi Detail Requirement...How to solve this?

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By: Arun Kumar PG - pgarunkumar

Multi Detail Requirement...How to solve this?

2004-06-10 23:59

Hi all!


I want to create a report wherein I am required to have multiple detail section i.e. The report has four section consecutively which can vary i.e. can have zero or more records.


Below is the structure of the required report:


Report Heading


Records Set 1 (zero or many)


Records Set 2 (Zero or many)


Some static Text goes here


Records Set 3 (Zero or many)


Records Set 4 (Zero or many)


Report Footer




Can any 1 tell me how can I acheive the above requirement. I know we can use <Group> for that.

But how can maintain the Order using the same i.e.

How can I make sure that only after displaying the first Records Set the Second Records Set will start.


I believe if I will use <Group> then the Records will alternate i.e.


Group 1 Record1

Group 2 Record1

Group 3 Record1

Group 4 Record1


Group 1 Record2

Group 2 Record2

Group 3 Record2

Group 4 Record2


I don't want the above to happen.


Instead what I want is below:


Group 1 Record1

Group 1 Record1

Group 1 RecordN


Group 2 Record 1

Group 2 Record 2

Group 2 Record N

.....So on



Please guide me in achieving the same.


Thankz a Zillion B'forehand













By: Saravanan - sarmal

RE: Multi Detail Requirement...How to solve this?

2004-06-11 00:19

Hai Friend,


I have done the Above Requirement as



Detail 1




In which if the Detail has 10 records , Group has 5 records then


Detail will be shown all the 10 records then Group will show its 5 Records



I have created 2 sub reports .


Call The First one in Detail Section

Call the Second one in Group Footer Section


The Sequence of Bands are



Group Header

Detail ( sub Report 1)

Group Footer ( Sub report 2)




If you want more Sub report create More Groups & add in their Footers Thats all


I think this may help you







By: Arun Kumar PG - pgarunkumar

RE: Multi Detail Requirement...How to solve this?

2004-06-11 00:38


Thankz Saravanan!


Well as per u need to use Sub-Reporting for this..rite!


And one more thing .. as per u I think i will be creating 4 sub-reports and 4 groups to hold them in their footer as shown below:




<Group 1> (Header is of Zero Height)

<Group 1 Footer (Sub-Report1)


<Group 2>(Header is of Zero Height)

<Group 2 Footer (Sub-Report2)


<Group 3>(Header is of Zero Height)

<Group 3> Footer (Sub-Report3)


<Group 4>(Header is of Zero Height)

<Group 4> Footer (Sub-Report4)




Please do correct me if my understanding is wrong!




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