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another simple question (images)

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By: Brandon Plamondon - bplamondon

another simple question (images)

2004-06-03 11:21

I have a problem with the following... what is the correct form to enter for an address cause I have tried a lot of things and I cant get the image to show up. at first I just had it pointing to test.JPG like it shows which is in the same folder as the source files... thanks in advance for any help


JRDesignImage what = new JRDesignImage();




expression = new JRDesignExpression();











By: Lucian Comanescu - lucicom

RE: another simple question (images)

2004-06-03 22:53



the expression.setText is ok ... but you need to set the rigth path to the image. Probably the source files are compiled in some folder like "classes" or "bin", so you have to copy also your image there.

Or just put it in a folder "images/test.jpg" (relative to your start directory) and use this expression. Or place it somewhere in the classpath:


[manual]When the image expression returns a java.lang.String value, the engine will try to see

whether the value represents an URL from which to load the image. If it is not a valid URL

representation, it will try to locate a file on disk and load the image from it, assuming that

the value represents a file name. If no file is found, it will finally assume that the string

value represents the location of a classpath resource and will try to load the image from

there. Only if all those fail, an exception will be thrown.



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