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Enumerating results

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By: Seanigan - seanigan

Enumerating results

2004-06-02 08:48

In jasper is there an easy way to enumerate the rows I get back from my query string?


I tried to do this via sql like so, but the query did not work in Jasper. Can I use more than one query in the query string?


DROP TABLE #temp_table;

SELECT Identity(int, 1, 1) as line_number,fname, lname FROM employee where employee_number = $P{EMPLOYEE_NUMBER}

select * from #temp_table;





By: Lucian Comanescu - lucicom

RE: Enumerating results

2004-06-02 23:40



No, query (as String) is 0 or 1 (dtd), but you can:

1. Implement your own JRDataSource and you can execute any number of sql you wish to

2. Move the above 3 queries in a stored procedure and specifiy the call procedure as query string.


Hope it helps,


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