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BUG Jasper in Linux

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By: John Augusto Charnet - jcharnet

BUG Jasper in Linux

2004-05-21 14:42

I'm having a very weird problem.

I have a simple report, that has a group and inside the group a subreport. The subreport only has a detail band.

That's basically it.

I pass a parameter to the report "S" ou "N".

If the parameter is "S" I only print the values from the database. I do not print any lines or labels. If the value is "N" I print the data values and the labels as well as my lines. This works perfectly in a windows box, using J2SDK1.4.2_03 with tomcat 5.0.19 and Jasper 0.5.0.

When I run this report in a linux box with the same configuration as explained for the windows box, my report stays in an infinite loop and never stops. I've debugged the problem and I've found that it stays in this loop at the while in JRVerticalFiller at line 542.

It seems that the variable offsetY is reseted at the line 999, and this makes the loop always true.


Anybody knows if this is a bug or something I did wrong ?


Thanks a lot.



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