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sometimes some subreports are invisible

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By: Maik Liebing - derzloty

sometimes some subreports are invisible

2004-05-19 07:29



i have a report with several nested subreports:














Subreport 2 can vary in its length. Depending on the lengths of the subreport-2 instances the following problem occurs.



1. subreport2

2. subreport2

3. subreport2


Page2 <page is blank>

4. subreport2 <missing>

5. subreport2 <missing>

6. subreport2 <missing>



7. subreport2

8. subreport2

9. subreport2


Sometimes all subreports on the second (or any other) page are invisible. The numbering of the reports on the third page is correct, so i think they are definitely calculated.


Has anyone a suggestion?







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: sometimes some subreports are invisible

2004-05-20 00:56




Can I see a simplified version of your files presenting

this problem?




Also you might try this:



Thank you,


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