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JRBshCompiler - Fill 10 times slower.

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By: Mathieu Rousseau - nono31

JRBshCompiler - Fill 10 times slower.

2004-05-18 09:30



I've tested My report (3 fields, 66000 tuples) in JavaWebstart.

I had problems to compile on the fly in this way because the nornal jasper compiler does not find the jasper classes... (that are not in my system class path obviously because I am using javawebstart).

the pb is in this post:



The simpliest solution to this pb was to use the JRBshCompiler based on the BeanShell library.

I saw: wow it compiles so much faster!!!

The big hick is that it takes kind of 10 times more time to fill the report:

my report with normal compiler: 1m45 to fill

my report with Bsh compiler: more than 15 min to fill!!


What all this huge difference????


Well for now it is working back fast in webstart using the 2nd trick a little bit more complex consisting of getting the jars and putting it in the java.class.path property.


It is now working for me, I just wanted to share this and know why all this difference between the Bsh version and the normal version...



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