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JRHtmlExporter.betweenPagesHtml Bug

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By: Reza Rahman - rrahman

JRHtmlExporter.betweenPagesHtml Bug

2004-05-11 08:47

Setting the JRHtmlExporter.betweenPagesHtml property to empty ("") to eliminate page breaks in HTML output through JRHtmlExporterParameter.BETWEEN_PAGES_HTML does not seem to work when subreports are present. Any idea how to work around this? Has anyone else noticed this problem?





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: JRHtmlExporter.betweenPagesHtml Bug

2004-05-13 10:53




This parameter is used by the exporter,

so the document is alreay generated.

The fact that the report was generated using subreports

does not matter at this point.


The output of JasperReports is always "page oriented".

Because the library is meant for printing mainly.


This parameter is only for reducing the paging effect.


You might achieve what you want by setting a huge page

height for you master report and subreports.


Thank you,


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