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Page Break & Display.... Please help

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By: Vishy - vishyn

Page Break & Display.... Please help

2004-05-13 09:04



I am facing problems wrt to pagebreaks in report display. In the page footer, I have pageNumber variable which displays "PAGE 1"

I took care to adjust accordingly for LandScape or Portrait, played with Margins... but in vain.


In PrintPreview, I see either "PAGE 1" going into the next page or data after "PAGE 1" is displayed in the same page of print preview.


I am using nested subreports. (Master has Sub A which has B which has C)

Master Report

--- SubReport A

SubReport A

--- SubReport B

SubReport B

--- SubReport C


Even with out subreports too, I am facing problems with page break. Is there a way I can tell Jasper to stop display at PAGE 1, and so on. The solution in tips and tricks does not apply to my case.




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