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Groups of groups - how to?

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By: Michael Mogensen - mmommo

Groups of groups - how to?

2004-05-10 07:20

Hi all!


I'm new to this field so I guess this is a simple question for you proff's :-)


I want to list a group of objects where each object is a container for "smaller" objects. Say that I want to list all cinemas in a country and then list all movies for each cinema.


How do I write a rapport query for that? Next, do I have to deal with groups in a nested way or something - how do I set groups up for that? I've already made 2 groups for the purpose, like this:










If this is right(?) why is it then that I only have *one* 'detail' - I suppose that the 'detail' of Cinemas is Movies and I then need another 'detail' for all the movies in each cinema - or what???


And last - is it OK to delete the bands/groups (can't see the diff. between) not used - like PageFooter?


Regards Michael M.

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