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Design problem

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By: Ashish - ashisharte

Design problem

2004-05-06 07:23

I have a report which needs absolute positioning. Each page of the report has two sections top and bottom. Each has fixed heights and width. The top section has data which is filled using a subreport. The subreport is composed such that it will never overwrite / extend into the bottom section.

And the bottom section has fields populated with the report's data source.


I am having trouble keeping their heights constants. Seems, as the number of rows of the subreport increases the top section pushes the bottom section down. If I allow the height of the top section to vary, ofcourse, my bottom section is skewed.


I have run out of ideas to get the report to print within the boundaries. ( have used groups, no groups, used column header, footer, in vain)


Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.



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