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bold in a part of a field

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Set the text field markup to "styled" and use <style isBold="true"></style> around the text you wish to be bold.

Where to put this tag is up to you, according to your requirements and needs. You probably can do it easily with String manipulation methods, as long as you can locate the text you want to be bold. I suggest you do this on a Scriptet, so you can use all of Java String manipulation methods and classes.

Post Edited by mdrg at 04/15/2011 11:51
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mdrg, thanks in advance for your reply.

I'm not sure if I understand it entirely. Should it work if one puts the tag in the expression? I'm not sure how to fit it there, could you help from this example:


<style isBold="true">"WWUID: "</style> + $F{worldwideUID.wwuid}


With that iReport says there is a parsing error in "<", so it's probably not like this...


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