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folder refresh not showing added sub-reports

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using jaspersoft studio pro 7.9.0

i'm modifying a sub-report (call it sub_4).  but i want to keep the old version in the repository.  so i want to create a sub_5, make changes then insert that into the main.jrxml file.

the most obvious answer is to right click on sub_4, select copy, then paste, however, it did exactly that, made a copy of sub_4 (so now there are two) but there's no way (that i can find) to rename the second on sub_5.  File/Rename (f2) doesn't work.  right click doesn't offer "rename" and properties doesn't have a rename option.

then i tried right-click download to file.  chose the same parent folder and specified the name sub_5.jrxml and clicked okay.  it opened up the in the editor with the tab sub_5.jrxml but there was no corresponding sub-report element in the Repository Explorer, even though i refreshed at every folder level i could find.  
figured it might some sort of error, so i did the action again - Download to file of sub_4.jrxml, saved to sub_5.jrxml, but this time gave the error that the file already existed, even though i can't see it in the Repository Explorer.  

what's going on?  why can't see .jrxml's that i've added?

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not sure i follow your question.  let me add this picture to clarify.

this is the repository explorer.
Main.jrxml is my report.
Agility is a sub-report inserted into Main.
Agility2 was an updated version
i want to make a copy of Agility2.jrxml and call it Agility3.jrxml, then modify its SQL code of to update the subreport.
then in Main.jrxml, i want to take remove Agility2.jrmxl from its given frame and put Agility3.jrxml in its place.
this way i can still keep the older version (Agility2) in the folder for rollback, even though it's Agility3 that's in the active report output.

so, how would does one go about duplicating Agility2.jrxml, naming it Agility3.jrxml so it can be modified without making any changes to Agility2.jrxml, but more importantly, make Agility3.jrxml visible in the folder chain?

copy/paste, Save As and Download to File do not behave in the Repository Explorer as the those same functions do i File Explorer. 

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Posted (edited)

What i understood in Main jrxml your are call Agility2.jrxml which you want to update.

To update Agility2.jrxml you are creating Agility3.jrxml now you want to have main jrxml should access Agility3.jrxml not Agility2.jrxml.

Solution : Edit the main jrxml which shows on your screen.

You will find one windows is opened 

on that find resource.

On resource you will find the Agilit2.jrxml link edit that and point to Agility3.jrxml and save that. You will have main jrxml will point to latest Agility3.jrxml.

I will share the link on weekend with screenshot till than what i have written try that, i hope that will solve the issue.

Edited by shreekrishna.shankhwar
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thank you shreekrishna, 
but i think i need the screenshots version.  i'm not fully following what you're saying.

yes, i have Agility2.jrxml as a subreport on main.jrxml.  
i have tried multiple means to copy Agility2.jrxml to create Agility3.jrxml so i can edit 3 and then change the subreport expression in main from "repo:Agility2.jrxml" to "repo:Agility3.jrxml".  

no matter how i try and create Agility3.jrxml, i cannot get it to be visible in the Repository Explorer.  but now it seems to exist but cannot be seen because i tried to simply create an XML file called Agility3.jrxml, but Studio won't let me because "this ID is already used in this folder".  File Save As doesn't work.

i simply don't understand why i can't get a new sub-report to show up in the repository in the report folder.

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