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Jasper Report HTML Markup field Anchor Tag Export Issue

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Hi Team,

I have requirement to print multiple urls in a single cell, I have generated anchor tag expression for the same from db able to generate linkable format in Jasper Server that works as expected.

But when i export to xlsx, excel, csv that cell is downloading as plain text instead of linkable format, I tried in docx and ppt exported as linkable format I am facing issue with excel and csv versions.

I have tried all properties no luck can any one suggest what would be better way to achieve this functionality or any specific property so i can cross verify that.

Thanks in advance!!

Appreciate you help!!




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Hi Shree Krishna I tried that approach but at Hyperlink is considering all links mentioned in field as single link with my approach.

With general approach where we have hyperlink for text field where we hard code link and pass id dynamic I am not able to pass dynamically 1 id from the list of ids, main disadvantage is we can pass only 1 id from cell with generic hyperlink.

In my scenario we need to have multiple links for cell when clicked on each link it should navigate to that specific detail.   

Thanks for your reply Shree Krishna. please let me know if any other way we can achieve.

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