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how to print at bottom of the last page only

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By: Saravanan - sarmal

how to print at bottom of the last page only

2004-04-24 14:18

Dear sir ,


I have desined a report in which some text fields will only display at the bottom of the last page .


I have given a condition which check for the page _Number Variable for each page with the page count (total no of pages ).


But It doesnt work , can any body help me in

assigning the condision of comparing the " No of page" i.e Total page , page number of each page , buy giving a sample code


thanking you






By: C-Box - c-box

RE: how to print at bottom of the last page only

2004-04-25 22:56

Doesn't fit the "summary-band" your requirements? It's just printed once per report at the end. There you can place your textfields WITHOUT any "printWhenExpression" or comparing the $VPAGE_NUMBER variables.


Or if you want to place it at the bottom, take two dummy-groups in which the first one contains your data and the second one contains just your special textfields in the groupfooter of dummygroup2 which is as high as the whole page - I guess it should work.




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