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Disabling JasperServer 7.5+ Encryption/Keystore

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Is it possible to disable the JasperServer 7.5 Encryption/Keystore behavior around server archive exports? This is creating allot of overhead for clustered deployments, and requires copying/pasting keystore files for consistency. It would be preferable to disable that altogether so in this aspect JasperServer behaves like older versions. Ideally, this would be doable via configuration only - without having to create a custom JasperServer build. I also think it's better to provide the flexibility and make it the default behavior than to make it required behavior. This may be best practice by TIBCO standards, but copying/pasting keystore files to support clustered deployments definitley is not .

Please let me know if this is possible, and if so where I might find the supporting documentation.



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You can export data using deprecatedImportExportEncSecret. 

i) Export from the command line:
js-export --<what to export> --output-zip export_what_to_export.zip --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret

example of export everything in the repository uses the command as:
js-export --everything --output-zip myExport.zip --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret

To Import the exported zip into the JRS 9.0 :
You have to import the exported zip into the JRS in the following ways:

You can import that export zip with the help UI using the legacy key as suggested in the following document:

or You can import the exported zip with the help of the command line as given below suggested in the following document

js-import.sh --input-zip export_what_to_export.zip --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret

example of importing repository using the command line with this command:
js-import.sh --input-zip myExport.zip --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret

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