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Oracle stored procedures problem

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By: nexus - ricardo63

Oracle stored procedures problem

2004-04-16 09:25

As I can execute a stored procedure Oracle that returns resultset of refcursor type? . Or a stored procedure and later a SELECT to bring the data, at the moment I am using (Ireport) :


{call WRP_PRUEBA1('RICARDO','ultima')}

select * from aud_logproceso order by proceso


the following error takes place :


ORA-6550 line 2 , column1

PLS-00103 encountered the symbol "SELECT"

ORA-6550 line 2 , column 45

PLS-00103 encountered the symbol "end-of-file"


and when proving :




select * from aud_logproceso order by proceso;



ORA-6550 line 3 , column 1

PLS-00428 an INTO clause is expected in this SELECT statement

ORA-6550 line 3 , column 1

PL/SQL SQL statement ignored


as I can obtain that this works? . It would thank for much any aid on the matter .





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