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Page footer causes not moving


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I have a question about positioning in Jasper. I have split type set to immediate. Let's give an example:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

All these elements have parameters, but when I click preview then not all of them will have them by which they become null and I use remove line when Blank. The problem is when the elements from page two go to page one, then page 1 is displayed, but no longer elements of page three does not go to page one or two, but stays on top of page three.

Page 1
Page 2+3


But Page 1 has enough space for the elements from Page 3 to move to Page 1. Interestingly, when I remove the Page Footer then everything works as it should, that is, the elements from Page 3 will move to Page 1. How to make with Page Footer these elements move in the same way when Page Footer 

The same results without Page Footer:



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