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List Priting Same Values in Different Rows?


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I have a query of two record, each with a different quantity, and I've created a list to display those informations, each row with it's own table.

The problem is that for each list, it is printing the value twice, when it should read only once for each row. Pics with examples below:

The query result:


The list result: 


It should print only 1 column of information per list, and not the Duplicate ones. I hope you can understand :) 


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Hi! First of all, thanks for the fast reply!!

So, This list is inside the detail band of a subreport, and this subreport is inside the Detail Band of the main report. 

Highlighted in red is the list position inside the subreport:

This is the main report: 

I want to send you a .jrxml example, but this is a report that I use inside my company, And I'm afraid that I cannot share it openly :( but if you know any way to do it the "safe" way let me know hahaha.

Parameter wise, this is what I'm using: 

Thanks for all the help so far!!



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What is the print order of the list? Is it horizontal? The parameter passing from subreport to list is that filtering the data to pick the matching record of that of subreport?  Also please pass the data's row identifier from subreport to list. ie., eg itemNo. $F{item} of subreport to list's parameter $P{item} and to the list's dataset's query to filter unnecessary only show the item of subreport passing to list.

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