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Ireport e MongoDb Query (array)

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Hello ,
I'm trying to understand how use MongoDb Query but syntax and concepts are not clear to me (I'm functional not developer).
In this easy query I'm trying to show fields and also nested value into array fields . In this case containers.trackables.code

{ 'collectionName' : 'TrackDocument' ,
findFields : { 'docDate':1, 'docNumber':1, 'docStatus':1 , 'containers.trackables.code' : 1}, 
I would like to see only the code and not all the mess of things into the container colum.
How can achieve that ?
For istance in first row I got two value  45500027  and 45500999 that would be the detail rows .

I hope someone can help me because I'm very stuck....    Thanks




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It looks like your requirement is more into SQl context how to write sql query to display specific portion of column than ireport design.

You can use SQL string replace function to replace e.g. [{"trackables" : [{"code" : part of container column with space.
You might need to use more such replace and concatinate SQL functions to write the query.

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Sorry but to query MongoDb from Ireport is not possible using SQL. The only way is to use MongoDbQuery within Ireport with its specific sintax.
If it would be a sql DB the issue was not existing.
Attached the json of that collection . If you are able to use SQL please let me no how.


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