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Split the content of list to next page after other frame


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How to split the list content to the next page.
I have to the 50 lines of content in a list. So, I want to print the first 20 line in first page, after I need print another frame content. and in the next page need to print remaining 30 lines.

can anyone know solution. please drop your suggestions 

thankyou in advance.

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I suggest using two list components, the first list on page one, the second on page two, with a line break in between the two lists. Pass a parameter into the list dataset that will know which of those fifty to return, i.e. how to limit the queries results to return the 20 or 30 rows, depending on which list is being populated. HYow you implement that portion will depend on the datasource type, and if it's SQL, the specific database vendor. (LIMIT, OFFSET, TOP) etc.

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