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Hyperlink Problem

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By: Kalpesh Chordia - kchordia

Hyperlink Problem

2004-04-08 23:55



From my jasper html/pdf report, I want to call a JSP page, to which I want to pass some parameters as name=value pair seperated by semi colon and it should open that jsp in new window.


My current implementation is

I have a public static method which returns the jsp file name and to that file name I am appending the parameters. So the hyperlink reference expression is as follows.


getDrillDownURL($P{REPORT_CALLER_CONTEXT}) + "?USER_NAME = " + $F{USER_NAME} + ";MANAGER_NAME = " + $F{MANAGER_NAME} + ";DEPARTMENT_NAME = " + $F{DEPARTMENT_NAME} + ";FROM_TIME = " + (com.egain.platform.module.reports.ReportsDateTimeFormatter).getLocalDateTime($P{CLIENT_LOCALE},(String)(((com.egain.platform.framework.dataaccess.dataobject.SimpleDataObject) $P{REPORT_HEADER}).getAttribute("6"))) + ";TO_TIME = " + (com.egain.platform.module.reports.ReportsDateTimeFormatter).getLocalDateTime($P{CLIENT_LOCALE},(String)(((com.egain.platform.framework.dataaccess.dataobject.SimpleDataObject) $P{REPORT_HEADER}).getAttribute("7"))) + ";LOGGEDON_TIME = " + (com.egain.platform.module.reports.ReportsUtil).AvgResTimehhmmss($F{LOGON_DURATION},new Long(0))+";REPORTID="+ $P{REPORT_ID}+ ";RUNBYNAME="+ $P{RUNBYNAME} +";RUNONTIME=" + $P{RUNONTIME}+";USERID="+$F{USER_ID}+";TEMPLATE_ID=5103"target="_blank"


But is seems to be not working. Is the after 5103 required ?


it is opening jsp file in new windows but without any parameters.


Please help.


thanks in advance.


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